Our Departments


Junior high School Senior High School

1.For junior high school, we divide students into groups according to their abilities and let them get the best care ; students of English Class will be able to reach the level of the second grade of senior high school after three years. Besides, we offer the excellent language class two English oral classes each week, and provide the excellent class of math to learn further to the extent of senior high school.

2.In the morning study period, students watch the TV program of Let’s Talk in English, Studio Classroom or Advanced to upgrade their foreign language abilities. Meanwhile, we teach students how to prepare for the GET Test, and we have remarkable achievements.

3.For senior high school, we implement extra classes at night either to strengthen or to make up for the abilities in English, math, physics, and chemistry; for junior high school, we offer the teaching of English, math, and science to make up for the lack of the above.


4.The facilities for physics, chemistry, and biology experiments are well-appointed. We put every unit of experiments into effect, both on the operation and the discussion; and we would actively participate in all kinds of scientific fairs and competitions.

5.We hire masters to hold lectures of Chinese composition, and we also hire the first-class teachers to help prepare for The General Scholastic Ability Test and help promote the grades of the test effectively

6.We encourage students to participate in our after-school study. Every class is accompanied by a teacher. from 17:50 to 20:30.

7.Each year, we hold overseas study trips to experience and learn, and from the process, students can interact with foreign students and broaden their horizons.

8.Every week, we introduce the articles of Maritimes and Morals, and we encourage students to submit their writing to all kinds of good publications.

9.We also hold the activities of 30-Hour Famine, visiting nursing institutions, and retirement homes every year to inspire students ‘attitudes of gratitude, appreciation and contribution.

10.At lunch, we play educational and inspiring DVDs to help build healthy philosophy of life in relaxed entertaining atoms leer.



Vocational High School

Department of Applied Foreign Languages ( English )
Our features

1.We train students with Interdisciplinary professional abilities in foreign languages.

2.We train students to be good at listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities and help them get some certificates like GET before they graduate.

3.We cultivate students basic computer system abilities and tube familiar with professional knowledge and skills like document handling, introduction to computer science, basic homepage design, basic programming language to ensure that they can obtain some certificates before they graduate.

4.We would hold study trips during the summer vacation, and we would hire professional foreign teachers to teach professional English and Japanese to cultivate students with global perspectives and to strengthen their bravery and confidence.

5.Students of the language department and the business affair department are divided into different groups in the second semester to increase their learning effect to increase more opportunities to enter national universities of the field of science and technology.

1.Future study choices: Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Department of Applied Japanese Studies, Department of Business affairs groups, Department of Leisure Business affairs, and Department of Cultural Business Management.


2.Career development: Graduates can work for elementary schools or high schools, teaching languages, and for business fields, trade companies as secretaries or oral interpretation, diplomatic establishment, and tourism business.


Department of Data Processing
Our features
1.One certificate: diploma

2.Two skills: Students are able to major computer information courses and business industry courses ; meanwhile, we also emphasize the importance of both computer software and computer hardware fabrication.

3.Three advantages:
The first advantage is that every computer classroom is well-equipped and matches the national level on every professional subject.
The second one is that we place the importance on academic performance and professional skills equally; and we guide students in all aspects to help them with future studies and we provide afterschool classes to help them enter national universities in the field of science and technology.
The third one is that we direct students to pass the test of the grade test of computer software application and we would encourage students to participate the national technique competition actively.

4.Four plus one professional certificates: We design the professional competitions and certificate tests into our curriculum:

Certificate 1 the grade C certificate of the application of computer software
Certificate 2 the grade C certificate of the computer website design
Certificate 3 the grade C certificate of Accounting affairs
Certificate 4 the grade C certificate of computer hardware fabrication
Certificate 5 the grade B certificate of the application of computer software

1.future study choices: Information Management Department, Department of Computer Science and Communication Engineering, Department of Health Administration, Department of Recreation Management, Department of Logistics Management, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Department of
International Trade, Department of Business Administration, Department of Economics, Department of Accounting, Department of Banking and Insurance, Department of Public Taxation and Finance, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Department of Social Work, and so forth.
2.Career development: Graduates can take all kinds of national tests. And they can work as program designers, information management engineers, or work for trade companies, financial institutions, advertisement companies, etc.


Department of Food and Beverage Management
Our features

1.Our devices are well-equipped, including Chinese Food, WesternstyleFood, baking, Catering Service, and Beverage Blending first-class professional classrooms and all of them match the national level one very professional subject.

2.Our teachers are enthusiastic and excellent; besides, we would hire famous masters in the field to interact their professional skills, give lectures and so on to promote competitiveness.

3.We would promote students’ abilities on English and Japanese conversation, just in order to be well-prepared to enter all kinds of international hotels and restaurants

.4.We prove to provide excellent teaching achievements that over ninety percent of our graduates can enter the first-class universities of the field of science and technology; in addition, graduates can obtain at least three professional certificates from the Council of Labor Affair.

1.Future study choices: Department of Food and Beverage Management, Department of Chinese Cooking, Department of Western-style Cooking, Department of Baking Technology, Department of Food Nutrition, Department of Leisure Business Management, and Department of Business Administration.

2.Career development: Graduates can work as teachers, cooks, field service staff, bartenders, Western-style bakers, and in the food and beverage field.


Department of Tourism Industry
Our features
1.We especially hire full-time English and Japanese teachers to train students with second language abilities.

2.Every year, we hold oversea study to broaden their horizons of language learning.

3.Every summer, we arrange students to be interns in travel agencies, resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

4.In our school, we have classrooms of guest rooms, travel centers, and classrooms of restaurant and travel service to provide students with a demo learning environment.

5.We have the standard sit for the national level on every professional subject like drink-mixing, Chinese food cooking, Western-style Cooking, Baking, The Technique of Restaurant and Beverage Service, and graduates can obtain at least three professional certificates from the Council of Labor Affair.


1.Future study choices: Department of Hospitality Management, Department of Tourism Industry, Department of Marine Informatics, Department of Recreation Planning, Department of Aviation Services and Management, and Department of Food Science and Beverage Management

2.Career development: Graduates can work as ground crew for airline companies, flying attendants, tour guides, tour leaders, ticketing, tourist hotels, inns, front desk attendants, booking, professional staff in exhibitions, tour narrators, program planners, or work for mass transportation like HRS.




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