International cultural exchange


to broaden horizons and connect with the global society

Comprehensive homeroom teacher system

We make parents actually realize their children’s
conditions at school through telephone calls, home
visits, and daily contact books.

Counseling programs of future studies

We have the extra eighth class on weekdays and
prvide students crucial subjects on Saturday. From
Monday to Friday, we provide a good environment
for students to study at school at night, with
teachers supervising them aside. In addition, we
provide our school buses to drive students home
so that parents can save a lot of money on cram

Multiple curriculum design
We design diverse curriculum which emphasizes
five disciplines homogeneously. Meanwhile, we
put stress on math and science equally, attach
importance to morals and art; by the way of
effective learning and healthy growth, we are sure
to inspire students’ potential and make the best of

Go straight to senior high school

In addition to counseling to the top-class senior
high schools, our junior high school students can
go straight either to our senior high school or to our
vocational high school; this way, they can learn a
specific speciality and enter excellent universities.



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