About Hsing Hwa Senior High School


Hsing-Hwa’s Characteristics:
Manage students strictly and teach them diligently

Hsing-Hwa’s Brand
Benevolence and high moral character;
extraordinary temperament
Diligent and optimistic ; progress with excellent
Passion and innovative ; pursue excellence
Gratitude and care ; being brave and

Beautiful and Quiet Campus:
Teaching Area
Eight multi-function buildings for both teaching
and administration
We have one hundred general classrooms, a library, restaurants,
canteens, and a reading center of a capacity of 150 people at
a time. Besides, we have laboratories of physics, chemistry,
biology, and geoscience. In addition, we have professional
classrooms for languages, video watching, computers, Chinese
cooking, Western-style cooking, beverage mixing, baking,
restaurant services, music, art , and table tennis. And we have three
hundred and fifty computers to provide students and teachers to use
teach and surf the Internet. All classrooms are air-conditioned to upgrade
our teaching and learning environment.

Leisure Area
There are fountains, fishponds, pavilions, stone chairs for leisure and the
green walking tunnel for leisure use in our campus, and there are also
lots of species of trees and flowers, which bring a better and graceful
environment for students.

Exercise Area
We separate the teaching and learning area and exercise area with the
railway of A-Li Mountain. This way, the teaching and learning area can be
such a quiet place and we also have basketball courts, volleyball courts, and
table tennis courts.

Club activities – Lively and Energetic

In Hsing-Hwa, various kinds of club activities accompany with
students, and unique campus activities inspire their passion.
The athlete meet, the garden party, many kinds of ball games
and community serving all enrich students' school life.







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